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  • Marketing Strategies: the right strategies to approach
  • Blogging or content to write: what to write & where to get source
  • List building & autoresponder: how to build buyer list & what to use
  • Products, storage & copyright: what to sell or promote, where to keep, copyright issue & what make you different from others
  • Making graphics & videos software: solve your headache about graphics & videos software to use
  • Time management: what if you only have limited time online daily
  • Social media skill: skill about using popular social media for your business like fb, youtube, instagram, linkedin, etc.
  • Budget: using free or lowest budget
  • Traffics: how to get free & paid buyer traffics
  • Sales funnels planning: funnels setup to get high ticket sales
  • Domain & hosting: how to select & setup best domain & hosting for your business
  • WordPress knowledge: definitely need some basic WordPress knowledge, if you want a long term or repeatable business
  • Any other problems: any other problems that not listed here…

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